MiniMBA - Management Business Accelerator - Equipping business leaders with a multitude of business skills.
Benefits of the online MiniMBA

Management Techniques

Making management practical with MiniMBA online. Needing to learn management skills? Then this course is for you. Enhance leadership skills, business acumen. This online management course gives flexibility, with practical application.

Learn while you work

Assignments link the course theory, to practice in the workplace. Join the MiniMBA online networking community. Assessments track understanding of the course material as the student works through it.


The MiniMBA online course includes information of the South African Law, from human resources to finances. Learn implementation of policies and policies and standard operating procedures.

Your Career

Equip yourself with advanced leadership, learn and implement management techniques, to be used to improve your career prospects.


Simphiwe Zaukana

It was a game changer for me. I feel the majority of my success on the projects I have been running is a result of this course. It has changed my management behavior and my approach to projects; having also stimulated my creativity

Paula Mitchell

I loved being able to do the course at my own pace, with the material being informative and thought provoking. I found the feedback on my assignments and how I can improve from the course assessor very valuable

Dylan Veneman

I loved the course because I was able to simulate the assignments on future projects I would like to attempt. I like that an action plan is formulated at many stages within this course as my reading and research stimulated thinking toward business development. I recommend this course for any entrepreneur start-up as well as companies looking to up-skill their employees

Jan Jansen

The course, workload, and learning material allow you to complete the program while working full time. It’s affordable with up-to-date material to relate to the ever-changing trends of the business world. I would recommend it to anyone, as I use the newly learned ideas and concepts on a daily basis in my career

Sample Clientele

Strong Bond
IMS Africa
Bankserve Africa
Course Outline

MiniMBA Silver Bullets

  Techniques to develop your career
  Productivity and working intelligently
  Business tips
  Successful manager advice
  South African law
  Business strategies
  Financial Intelligence
  Human Resource management
  Client Management

MBA Comparison

The MiniMBA online course for managers, will guide students through all the aspects covered in a standard business administration degree offered at top business schools. The course focuses on communicating the essence of what a standard MBA offers but in an online course format that is more accessible and that is available as an online course for students without the time to submit to a full time course.

How The Course Works

The miniMBA is an online course, 26 sections is split into 26 modules that require about one hour of reading/video work each, and two hours of practical exercises.
Can be divided into 6 sub-courses which can be completed separately, to build your qualification. Contains online assessments, assignments and course material
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Course Duration

The course is designed to be completed over a 26 week period with the student dedicating at least three hours per week to each module. However, because we understand the time constraints on working individuals, you will have access to the course for 1 year. If you are unable to complete the course during this time, we can extend your access for 6 months and charge an extension fee.
Build my MiniMBA: 6 Core business programs make up the full online Minimba: Leadership Essentials, Customer Relationship Management, Financial Management, Human Resources and Employee Development, Operational Efficiency and Documentation, Strategic Planning and Governance.
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Course Requirements

Certification, scoring above 60% constitutes a pass, scoring above 80% constitutes a first class pass.
Pre-requisite for acceptance into the online MiniMBA: Matric or equivalent; good English writing/reading/understanding; moving into or currently in Management.
The online course assignments and assignments implemented in the MiniMBA require that you analyse business, and you need to be involved in a business in order to analyse it.


The online MiniMBA is a certification course, it is not currently SAQA accredited

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